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Another pointless Tragedy: A Review of Tomas Kyd’s ‘The Spanish Tragedy’

The Creative Writing program at Bankside prides itself in creating and supporting many celebrated writers including Chris Marlowe. But how does the rest of the department really hold up under scrutiny? One writer in particular falls short, Tom Kyd. Tom has been a student at Bankside for many years now and his one substantial work in that time has been “The Spanish Tragedy”, but has anyone even read this story? Does anyone even know if it is any good?

Well dear readers I’m here to demystify you, because I have read it. And believe me it is nothing special. The action of the play is all over the place, and the story is complex but without a unifying action. It’s essentially just Seneca redone with a pretty typical theme of revenge.

Everyone makes such a fuss over Tomas Kyd, but in actual fact his writing is completely inferior to Marlowe it’s just that no one’s ever bothered to actually read his work to find out.

Underaged Drinking: No longer a problem

Well the good news is that The Anchor Pub has now stepped up its security and underaged drinking is no longer a problem at that establishment. When I talked to campus security about the issue last week, about how the Anchor Pub didn’t ID me, they were very concerned and grateful to me for reporting it. It felt great to be out doing something from the campus, helping to make everyone safer. I am sorry that my actions caused some people to be excluded from the Halloween Party, but I know that what I did was in everyone’s best interest.

I hope dear readers you all had a safe and Happy Halloween. Mine was not exactly what I expected… but hey my costume worked great so that’s something.

The York reign continues!

After a hard fought election we can now officially announce that Richard York will follow in his brother’s footsteps as Bankside University’s next student council president.

Richard York election winner

Richard York wins Student Council President Election

This comes as a surprise to most because it seemed that Henry was the favourite among the student body. In fact it seems hard to believe that Richard somehow managed to secure the election seeing as most people are now becoming quite vocal that they voted for Henry.

When we reached out to Hal for comment he didn’t seem the least bit concerned over his loss as he bought a round of drinks for everyone in the Anchor pub. (Due to the fact that both of the reporters working on this story are underage we were not able to join him to question him further about his loss, but it didn’t look like he was taking it too hard.)

Richard meanwhile in his first day in office this morning made the shocking decision to fire all of the other student council officers. Many of these students were hand picked for the council by Richard’s brother Edward last year. Richard made a brief statement explaining that he needed his own people that he could trust with him on the council. This move has certainly not done him any favours when it comes to popularity among the students.

Here at the Messenger Speech we will keep on eye on Richard and see what kind of leader he becomes.

Georgia Roberta Green-Peele @GRGPeele

Ben Jonson @benjaminajonson


The Anchor Pub: best place on campus

Hello Bankside! So this week I wanted to explore the campus more and report on where are the places to be at Bankside. Everyone I asked told me that The Anchor Pub, Bankside’s campus bar was the best place to hang out. I’m still only 18 so I couldn’t actually go in to the bar or anything, but I did hang around outside until I met some of the staff there and I asked them if there was anything they wanted to say to our campus readers online.  Check out the video down below!

So yeah I can’t really report on anything else about the Anchor Pub cause I haven’t officially gone inside yet, but my birthday is coming up real soon on Oct 29th so I know now where I will have to go to celebrate and then I’ll let you know all about it!

In other news I want to continue my series of interviews for this blog, and I really want to interview Chris Marlowe. I left her a very nice letter requesting an interview in her mailbox but I haven’t heard anything from her so I’m not sure if she got it or not. So anyway Chis if you’re reading this by any chance I’d love to sit down with you for a interview.

Alright dear readers that’s all for now. Don’t forget to vote for student council president Oct 21st!

Georgia Roberta Green-Peele @GRGPeele

A Campus Divided by York and Lancaster

Posters and slogans for the Student Council election cover every corner of the campus. By now everyone has heard of Richard York and Henry Lancaster, but how much do people really know, and what will they base their vote on.

As a guest reporter for The Messenger Speech this week I, Benjamina Jonson, interviewed members of the student body to gage the popular opinion on the election.

Richard’s elder brother Edward was held with such high regard by the faculty and students alike it seems that many are eager to vote for Richard assuming that he will be a carbon copy of his brother. Though I have to admit that if I didn’t know they were brothers I never would have guessed. They are so dissimilar in manner. One has to wonder if those looking for more of Edward’s good natured policies in Richard will be sadly disappointed.

It is easy to see how Henry, or Hal to anyone who knows him, has charmed a good deal of the student population. When I visited to The Anchor Pub, a favourite haunt of Hal’s, everyone I met there spoke very highly of him. However there is a great deal of concern among certain groups of students that he is not qualified or up to the job. Indeed it seems pretty clear to most that he is being pushed into this by his father Henry Lancaster Sr., the Dean of the University.

The campus is split it two, half carrying the white banners of York, and the other half supporting the red posters of Lancaster. How this all plays out is anyone’s guess.

Ben Jonson – Guest Reporter – @benjaminajonson 

Now is the winter of our Student Council Election

The nominees for Bankside Universities Student Council President were announced today and it looks like it’s going to be an interesting race. The candidates, Richard York and Henry Lancaster, both have strong family ties to the school and are passionate about the welfare of the student body.

Richard is the youngest in a long line Yorks who have all attended Bankside. Richard’s eldest brother Edward was Bankside’s Student Council President for the past three years and was beloved by all on campus. Richard is in fact the third York brother to run for President. Middle brother George infamously ran for president against Edward last year. While George’s campaign last year crashed and burned, now that Edward has graduated will Richard be able to take up his brother’s mantle.

Henry – Hal to his friends – has ties to Bankside going back even further. He’s been a well-known presence on campus since the day he was born as his father Henry Lancaster Sr. is the Dean of the University. It is clear that Dean Lancaster wishes his son to take a more active interest in the politics on campus, and Henry certainly knows a lot about the needs of the students. He does, however, have a reputation of spending most of his time with his friends at the Anchor Pub and one has to wonder whether he is really up for the job.

It’s going to be a fascinating race. Be sure to follow us online on twitter and on youtube for all the latest campaign developments.

Georgia Roberta Green-Peele @GRGPeele